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Levels of Chiropractic Care


Level One

During the first few treatments (usually within the first two to four weeks) our goal is to determine two things. How well you respond to chiropractic care and which of the various available treatment methods produce the best response for you. Once we've reached these goals, we move on to level two.


Level Two

This level tells how much improvement can be achieved. It's important to achieve the highest level of improvement possible. Therefore, we may need (from time to time) to change the frequency, intensity, and type of treatment in order to obtain optimal progress and to maximize the improvement.

Level two continues until your condition is totally resolved...or until your condition has reached a plateau. This plateau is known as the "maximum chiropractic improvement level." When this has been achieved, level three begins.


Level Three

Level three is appropriate for patients who reach the "maximum chiropractic improvement level" before getting their problem(s) totally resolved. Normally, in such cases some additional treatments to strengthen, rehabilitate, and stabilize are indicated.

The purpose of stabilization treatments is to avoid relapse or regression. However, in the event regression does occur, then level four may be necessary.


Level Four

Unfortunately, in a small percentage of cases some residual weakness and instability remains. This means without occasional ongoing chiropractic care you may regress. Therefore, you may occasionally need additional treatments to prevent or offset regression. This is called supportive care.

Here's the good news. In many such cases, ongoing supportive care eventually produces sufficient increased stability to eliminate the need for further supportive care.


Level Five

Some patients reach a reasonable degree of stability but still have residual weakness which pre-dispose them to reinjury. recurrence, relapse, or regression. Such patients are put on pro re nate (p.r.n.) status...which means "treatment as needed." Such patients are advised to return immediately to the doctor's office for evaluation and treatment at the first sign of any relapse, recurrence, or reinjury.


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